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PULSAR The Open Art Prize is the first collaborative art prize. It rewards artworks born from the encounter between artists and creators from the digital fields.
TechShop/Leroy Merlin - STATION F - Fondation Groupe EDF
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They are 58. They were selected among the 150 candidates for the 2nd edition of PULSAR thanks to Selection Committees gathering 25 personalities from the world of art and digital. These creators come from all walks of life. They will meet on June 5 at the Fondation Groupe EDF, partner of PULSAR, for a speedating creative night where they will have to choose their alter-ego to continue the adventure.

In three adjectives and a few sentences on their practice, the 58 candidates selected for the rest of the adventure present themselves

  • Alexandre Bavard
  • Rocio Berenguer
  • Pierre Depaz
  • Cyprien Deryng
  • Antonin Fourneau
  • Wenqian Gao
  • Didier Hébert-Guillon
  • Estelle Henriot
  • Germain Jolly
  • Smail Kanouté
  • Vincent Masson
  • Gwendoline Perrigueux
  • Olivain Porry
  • Farid Ayelem Rahmouni
  • Jacques Rémus
  • Camile Sauer
  • Nicolas Tilly
  • Fabien Zocco
  • Frédéric Deslias
  • Raphaëlle Kerbrat
  • Diego Ortiz
  • Jean-Baptiste Perrot
  • Vivien Roussel
  • David Erhun
  • Gille de Bast
  • Raphaël Faon & Andres Salgado
  • Robin Lamarche
  • Stéphane Maguet
  • Alice Martins
  • Menno Hiele
  • Léa Mercier
  • Jonathan Pêpe
  • Robyn Moody
  • Kevin Rouillard
  • Fabrice Starzinskas
  • Suzuki Masahiro
  • Eszter Szabó
  • Trapier Duporte
  • Aldéric Trevel
  • Yann Trividic
  • Florence Guérin
  • Vladimir Abikh
  • Filipe Vilas-Boas
  • Slava Ptrk
  • Julien Levesque
  • Egor Kraft
  • Timothée Chalazonitis
  • Ana Lee Karkar
  • Samira Ahmadi Ghotbi
  • Mark Daovannary
  • Juliette Mirabito
  • Octave Grehal
  • Rémi Dal Negro
  • Sarah Alagroobi
  • Paul Marlier & Jeanne Morel

You missed PULSAR in 2017 but you don’t want to repeat the same mistake in 2018 ? Discover in pictures the best moments of our first edition!



PULSAR The Open Art Prize  federates companies wishing to support new forms of creation and engaged in the transformation of their organization to prepare it for the coming world.

We are currently gathering support for this new edition. If our project has challenged you and if you wish to help us, contact us!

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PULSAR is supported by its two cofounders and by the PULSAR Association chaired by Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion at the European Commission.
Gilles Babinet
PULSAR The Open Art Prize mentor
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Alix Debussche
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